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Transfer of real property

A house, a flat or land are most frequently transferred by a contract of sale or a contract of donation. The notary will draft a deed of conveyance as a notarial deed which is a public instrument contrary to contracts made for instance by a lawyer or a an estate broker. This means that in case of a dispute a counterpart of a notarial deed can be used in court as a clear proof acknowledging the truthfulness of the facts included in it. More

Notarial deposit

If you intend to buy or sell a real property the notary can besides writing the contract of purchase, accept the purchasing price for notarial deposit and secure a safe method of its payment for both parties. More

Notarial deed as a basis of execution

The most effective method of how to ensure that the money lent will be returned to the creditor is the notarial deed in which the debtor gives the creditor consent to the direct enforcement of the notarial deed or, in other words, to execution. The notarial deed includes the debtor´s obligation to perform properly his obligations in due time under the threat of subsequent execution of his property. More

Nuptial agreements, married or engaged couples

If you wish to diverge from the legal regulation of community property of spouses you can either reduce or extend your community property by an agreement which must be exclusively made by a notary as a notarial deed. By reducing we understand the case when from the property that has been acquired jointly will become sole property of one spouse only (for instance when a real estate bought jointly by both spouses becomes an exclusive property of only one spouse) or, rules will be set on the basis of which in the future each spouse will acquire designated property into their exclusive property. More

Security agreements and Register of Securities

Security agreement is one of the options for the creditor how to secure a claim against the debtor. Security can be a real estate, a movable property or other property rights. More

Attestation and authentication

At any notary´s office they will authenticate your signature (legal recognition) or verify the conformity of a copy or duplicate of an instrument with the original document (notarial vidimus). While for legalization the person whose signature is being authenticated must be present in person and prove their identity by a valid means of identification, anybody can submit an instrument for verification of conformity of a copy with the original document. Certain instruments are excluded from verification. More